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New Relationship Territory

New Relationship Territory

"It looks like our relationship is entering a new phase."

Exploring Polyamory has really expanded the way I think about relationships.

It isn’t important to spend so much time with your partners. You can still have amazing, deep, loving relationships and only see your partners on rare occasions.

I’ve got friends and family members who I only see on occasion and I still have deep connections with them.

It’s the best of both worlds for someone who needs lots of time to themself. You can have tons of free time to just be you. Live your own life. And then you’ve still got someone you love there when you want to see them or spend quality time together.

There was a man in a poly group I’m a part of that said he has multiple partners, but he’s a nomad and only sees them each once a year. That’s so remarkable! It really changes my perspective on what it means to be in relationship with someone. What it means to love them.

Freedom. Independence. You don’t have to give either of those things up if you don’t want to. And that’s amazing! You can literally find a way to have everything you want in a relationship without compromising yourself or your needs.

So, yes…
I want to further explore Solo Polyamory. I think that is what is right for me!

I want time to work on myself, explore my hobbies, expand my career, and just generally be more alone – have time to travel the world, attend events, etc. without having to wait for someone else to agree to do it with me, and without having to feel bad for not spending 100% of my time with someone. I’m ready to trek into this new relationship territory.

Now, if I only knew where to start. I mean…how DO you branch off on your own when you’ve got small children and you rely a lot on your husband for help?

I guess first things first: I need to take back my independence. It’s time for me to take care of myself again.

Wish me luck!

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I am a pansexual, demisexual, greysexual, homoromantic, non-binary, transmasculine, genderfluid, solo-polyamorous relationship anarchist; as well as a plant-based Wiccan mama. I'm also neurodivergent, and overall identify as Queer. I love writing, photography, dancing, travel, hiking, cooking, gaming, planning, and motherhood.

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