Leaving Societal Norms Behind

Notes about Nips

Notes about Nips

Since this is supposed to be an open space with open-minded ideas and accepting/understanding people, I’d like to make a brief statement on breastfeeding.

It seems to me that as far as many things go people are only accepting of things if they aren’t shoved in their face. As soon as something they deem to be “acceptable, but private” comes in front of them, in public no less, they flip their shit and shame the hell out of whoever it might be who is doing or saying or a part of whatever it is they can’t handle seeing.

“Gays are okay by me, as long as they aren’t kissing in public – that’s gross.”

“Loving more than one person makes sense I guess, but why can’t they keep it to themselves?”

“Breastfeeding is the best thing you could do for your baby; however, if you’re in public you should definitely cover up.”

Everything seems to be about the people witnessing something, and not the actual people in the situation. “What if you make people uncomfortable?” They say. “Shouldn’t the feelings of people around you matter too? You’re just being selfish.”

EXCUSE ME, but no! Living your life in public doesn’t make you selfish. If people are truly offended or uncomfortable it is them who should remove themselves from the situation – they should not expect the situation to change.

Of course you should be able to show affection to the people you love – in private, in public, on the fucking moon. It doesn’t fucking matter where you are, you should be able to hold hands with, kiss, hug, cuddle, and share fun or intimate moments with the ones that you love regardless of gender, ethnicity, class, or any other type of “identity”.

In the same spirit, feeding your child is also acceptable (DUH!) in any sort of setting. Whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or giving your 6 months+ baby some finger foods, you are ALLOWED to do it! Covers were not designed to make random onlookers feel comfortable about a woman breastfeeding her child, they were created to make the woman who is breastfeeding feel comfortable feeding her child no matter who she is around (so she doesn’t feel like she has to flash her breasts at everyone if she doesn’t want to). But with the mixed assumption of this products use comes the main issue with the whole thing – women feel ashamed, they feel the need to hide, they feel like they’ll be sexualized by perverts if they show themselves or shamed by even friends and family. No woman should feel ashamed for feeding her child!!!

So, let me make this Very clear:

Womens’ bodies are NOT by default sexual things. Women are not sexual objects. The things they do are not by default sexy. And it does NOT matter who is watching these women, or what the watchers are thinking or feeling about these women or what they’re doing. A woman’s body only becomes a sexual thing when it is thought of that way by someone. Therefore, a woman’s body is only sexy within the minds of the people who are thinking of her that way. Her body, just like anyone else’s body, is NOT a sexual thing – a human body, a naked or clothed one, is a natural thing. And in the same respect, a child eating is natural. And a woman feeding her child is natural. And the purpose of these amazing breasts we have on our naturally formed bodies are to feed our children with. And feeding our children with our breasts is natural – again clothed or unclothed – no matter what others may think or feel or say or do.

So, for the last time I’ll state:

A woman’s body is a natural thing. And breastfeeding our babies is natural too. Any fool who tries to sexualize this act and make a woman feel uncomfortable about herself or her actions is simply dealing with their own internal struggle (and maybe uncomfortability) of thinking she or the things she is doing are sexy. And damn it! That is none of her damn concern!

#FreeTheBoobs #BreastsAreBest #WomenAren’tSex #DesexualizeWomensBodies #IAmNotASexObject

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I am a pansexual, demisexual, greysexual, homoromantic, non-binary, transmasculine, genderfluid, solo-polyamorous relationship anarchist; as well as a plant-based Wiccan mama. I'm also neurodivergent, and overall identify as Queer. I love writing, photography, dancing, travel, hiking, cooking, gaming, planning, and motherhood.

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