Leaving Societal Norms Behind

The Hunger

The Hunger

I’m hungry

Hungry for disruption

Hungry for something I know is coming

Hungry for change


I’m hungry

Hungry for vivacity

Hungry for a new way of living

Hungry for transformation


I’m ravenous

Ravenous for the hollow encapsulated

depiction of identity to disappear

Ravenous to have in it’s place an endless diversity

a strand of open minds

across the vast neck of interpretation


I’m ravenous

Ravenous for the chains of society’s

expectations to be broken

Ravenous for them to be cut down so finely

that they turn to sand and

leave nothing but the grit of their oppressed


I’m hungry

Hungry for rebellion

Hungry for an end to this waiting

Hungry for acceptance


I’m hungry

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