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In Response to the Backlash of “The Reason I’m NOT Bisexual” Article

In Response to the Backlash of “The Reason I’m NOT Bisexual” Article

There was a lot of outrage on our FB page over this particular article. Responses varied over those feeling the article was insensitive to calling it out as biphobic or transphobic. While we respect the opinions of others, we’d like to give a quick speech on our behalf. We work very hard to keep our website impartial, but we give our columnists free reigns to write about their own personal experiences (making sure not to invalidate anyone in the process). All articles published on our site have opinions or perspectives that not all people in our community, or outside our community, will agree with. We understand this and accept this risk in order to provide a variety of first-account resources that may better help not only strengthen, but promote, our community in it’s entirety. This whole that we hope to help represent has a lot of diversity within it, and though articles that are geared towards generalizing all aspects of this diversity are important and crucial to our overall understanding of the community, it is also very important that we allow for each individual perspective to shine on its own merit and be accepted and valued within it’s own right, without having to give evidence to prove that it is also a perspective that exists.


In this day and age there is a lot of discussion and argument over labels and terminology. Some people scrap labels, some people hold their labels high, and some people use the same labels of other people but to mean very different things. All representations of an individual’s identity are valid, whether it clashes with your current understanding of a term or not, and whether or not it feels like back peddling to some. Everyone is free to choose the terms that feel right for them, and to justify them in any way, shape, or form. The sharing of such justifications does not inherently invalidate any other meaning or use of the specific term. We must allow for there to be variety within each aspect of identity, and within each term used. Acceptance of one person’s view points does not give way to destruction of another’s.


We’d like to make it very clear that our authors will never purposefully push a particular perspective out of view, but rather bring light to their own perspectives, individually. All perspectives are welcome on our page, as long as they are also welcoming of others. Each individual will live and learn and love at their own pace. Forcing someone into a different lane in order to make them catch up to you is not healthy or ethical. Allowing for people’s minds to expand naturally is the positive way to go about conflict. Healthy discussion and debate is always welcome, but angry and vicious judgments are never going to flip someone onto your side of thinking. It’s okay for people to think differently. It’s okay for them to use terms differently. Terms have changed and expanded again and again over time and space. Every region of the world uses terms slightly differently than the next because their understanding of reality is different, their understanding of what is and isn’t important is different, their understanding of what exists and doesn’t is different. And, of course, the diversity expands even further if you look deeper into all the individuals within each region, or community.


Each and every incident needs to be dealt with with the utmost care and respect, with complete humility and compassion. You never know where another person came from, what they’ve gone through, and what has made them who they are today. Fighting to invalidate others in order to validate yourself is not a justifiable practice. Any friction within our small minority group is not doing anyone any good. We must come from a place of understanding in order to help move others, and ourselves, forward. We take all comments very seriously, as we are here to try and help, or assist, others through advice, resources, and support. It is upsetting when pieces of our structure have been demonized for the mere fact of what others assume to be the point. More unsettling is that our authors are being attacked for their honesty, when what we promote more than anything else in this line of work is 100% genuinality. We hope to provide view points in their purest and most vulnerable form, to allow for our readers to delve deeper inside the lives and identities of our authors, in order to find community and validation in their own right.


Diversity breeds diversity. The more you allow the more you have to allow. We are not a biased publication. We like to expand the variety of our works to better encompass the individuals, as well as the mass as one whole. We hope that in the future we are better able to serve your needs as readers, but also hope that in return you will be able to take each article with a grain of salt and allow for the fact that each author is going through their own personal journey, and that each person’s journey is distinct and different than any others. Many may look nothing like your own, while some may seem very similar. Our hopes are that you are able to embrace both the pieces that you feel you connect and relate to, as well as the pieces that make you feel a little uneasy. It’s important to realize the complete reality of our diverse community, and not shut anyone out or throw them to the way side for a difference of opinion that clashes with your own understanding of existence. Accept, love, be. Live and let live. Love and let love. Learn and let learn. Everybody is different, and that is a very beautiful thing.




*We apologize for all feathers ruffled, but sometimes you’ve got to run through the flock in order to find your herd.

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