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Let me introduce my life real quick…

Let me introduce my life real quick…

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My name is Tanner. I’m your average mentally unstable, non binary poly photographer with some stories to tell. Through out my random blogs, I’ll go on and on about the accomplishments and struggles of a three way, male/non-binary/trans female relationship. For my first blog though, I want to go into depth about who we are and express the lack of experience we have in this world, but show you anybody can figure it out if you’re willing to work, communicate and be understanding of everyone’s standpoint. It’s not a competition and things won’t always be fair, but as long as everyone is on the same page, this can truly be a beautiful thing.

So I guess I should explain myself. I have a lot of mental disorders that reap havoc on my everyday life. I’m bipolar/manic bipolar/depression, schizophrenic, split personality disorder, anxiety ridden like a chihuahua and I’ve got PTSD. There’s more and I pretty much should permanently be locked in a mental institution but I medicate herbally and it helps me function in society. As stated above I am a photographer so some of my work will be featured in my blog or on this very site! Also feel free to look me up on Facebook or Instagram @ “Lensbian Photography.”

So my main partner is Jamie. And what I mean by main partner is she’s the one I was with first. We met at a local grocery store where we both worked. We have a 12 year age gap. Jamie was dating another women at the time and identified as male. Long story short, some years after me chasing Jamie, she left her girlfriend and the ex tried to set our house on fire (that’s a story for another blog or you can Google “Kayla Zorn April 1st” and that will pretty much explain it) and fast forward some years later and here we are still fully in love, a part of the bdsm, little/pet life style, and still learning new things about each other everyday after 7 years of knowing this beautiful specimen. Four of those years her being on hormone replacement therapy. Yes she’s a roller coaster and I have no clue how I handle her and a poly relationship but hell, I’m still kickin’.

Then you’ve got our boyfriend. I met him about a year after Jamie. We met on a social media dating site and he invited me to work at a local haunt and we lost touch for a while up until about a week ago (today is December 1st) and he agreed to being our daddy/dom. We call him Daddy so from here on forward I will refer to him as “Daddy.” He’s only a year older then me but he truly cares for Jamie and I. Daddy also looks at Jamie as a true woman and he identifies as a straight male so that in my book is a huge gold star. He acts all big and bad and will take care of a creep if they’re messing with his partners but deep down he’s a big teddy bear.

So Daddy and I talked through text for a while and then I started a group chat so Jamie and him could get acquainted and they are still getting to know each other, but there’s definitely a lot of care and lust between all of us. We agreed he’d come over here and spend the night before Thanksgiving with us. Of course things got physical. He’s a cutie. We couldn’t resist. But when we all went to bed, Daddy wanted more and pressed himself on me and Jamie freaked out thinking he just wanted me and it started a huge fight. Needless to say we figured it out and all communicated that something like that can eventually happen later on down the road but it’s still too early. Jamie has a lot of trust issues and thinks straight men are just taking one for the team to get with me. But he came forward and stated compassionately that he was in this for the both of us.

Daddy hasn’t been with us long so there isn’t a whole lot that I can get into yet but obviously I’ll spill all the “Tea” here. We’re all figuring this out as we go and there aren’t any books really on how these kinds of things work so it’s up to us experiencing these things to share our experiences and how we fix hiccups. We know we will get dirty looks. We know that it’s not “normal” to your everyday average Joe, but we are all happy and not hurting anyone so we don’t care about the looks we get. There’s no sense in hiding it. That’s a miserable life to lead.

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