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Communication… What happened to it?

Communication… What happened to it?

So tonight (December 15th 2019) Jamie went to go pick up daddy. They came and hung out at my new job (I work at a sex store) and everything seemed alright. We had a little bit of a fight this morning simply because he tried to cancel on us and we felt pushed aside and needed daddy time. We hadn’t seen him in two weeks at this point. So we got back to our house. We smoked and hung out and everything seemed fine. Until we went to bed.

We tried to get touchy feely and he told us to leave him alone. So we did exactly that. Jamie and I went into the living room and he came out about fifteen mins later to ask why was wrong. I started to explain why we were out there and not in bed with him. Daddy started to blame it all on his ex screwing his mind up as he always diverts to so I stopped him and tried to communicate that I understand where he’s coming from and how he feels to an extent. I thought I was getting through to him. I explained that if his ex still has him this messed up he needs to work on himself because he can have a relationship.

Things went silent for about ten mins and he got up to use the restroom. I took the chance and moved things back to the bedroom and we finished watching our moving. Jamie got up to walk out of the bedroom for a second and daddy followed and claimed he was having back spasms so he was going to go smoke to try and alleviate some of the pain. About 15 mins later, we hear the dog bark and the front door open and close. We go out to the living room to find him getting in a lyft and leaving. He blocked our numbers and our social media accounts.

No clue what we did wrong. No clue what was going through his head. He just left. So where do we go from here? What do we take from this? Every poly relationship we’ve had ends because of lack of communication. I can’t believe it’s that hard for people to do nowadays. I’m not exactly sad to see the relationship end as he desperately needed to work on himself, but he didn’t need to end it the way he did.

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