Leaving Societal Norms Behind



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Polyamorous J (CEO)

I am a Solo-Polyamorist that subscribes to the concept of Relationship Anarchy. I am Demisexual, Transmasculine, and Gender Fluid. I am a Queer Lesbian. I prefer Plant-Based food. I am Wiccan. And I am a mother.

Also a Photographer, here.

Nymphadora Bellatrix “Nymph_Bell” (Creative Director)

My most loved things are writing, dancing, photography, hiking, travel, nature, animals, and kissing. I identify as a relationship anarchist, and I allow connections to grow naturally wherever they may arise

Unicorn (Chief Admin)

He who needs no introduction.

Meet Our Columnists

Fulltime Human

I’m an over 40 cisgendered heterosexual guy that runs as solo poly while I go back to school to become a licensed therapist. I also work as a Crisis Counselor, and am an LGBT+ advocate. If you are in crisis, text “Home” to 741741 and someone will help you out.

Also a Freelance Photographer, here.


I enjoy writing fiction stories about LGBTQIA+ and Polyamorous characters, including related themes and important social issues. I also enjoy investigating the psychology and sociology behind cultural norms.

Meet Our Freelance Journalists

Koby Cross

I love cats, nature, and overthinking. I want to explore life and pursue everything from science, athletics, and art. Hopefully, I can help someone in the meantime.


I’m a 40 something Pagan, Pansexual, Polyamorous, Submissive, mother of 3 incredible adult humans, who is originally from Western NY but now lives in Northern Georgia. I’ve been in the lifestyle for many years and I believe love is infinitely beautiful.

Taisha Marie Santiago

I am a Creative Writer, with a love for romance and coffee.

Wild Heart

I am a 30-something pansexual female from the North of England. I live with my feline companion. My favourite pastimes include watching comedy, being by the sea and sampling cheeses of the world.

Raven Hilliard

Hi I’m Raven. I’m a mom to 5 wonderful kids. I have several hobbies I enjoy doing when I have free time. I’ve been actively polyamorous for over 4 years now but came to realize I’ve been polyamorous longer just didn’t know it. I’ve been in and out of the BDSM lifestyle for 20+ years and I’m still learning new things about it often.

Lady Luna Poly

I am a 22-year-old Polyamorous female from Australia. I am an active LGBTQI+ rights activist and a Polyamorous information activist as well as a full-time University student studying Forensic Psychology.


I am an early 30’s Mom who has been in open/polyamorous relationships since I was 18. I have a nesting male partner and a female partner who is married and I tend to follow a relationship anarchist mindset.

Autumn MacShea

Grad Student, BA Forensic Psychology. I’m a Bi Poly Switch, Single Mother, and Pagan.

Stefanie Sara

I’m a musician, writer, photographer and artist based in the UK, and I identify as a polyamorous, bisexual cis-woman with she/her pronouns.

Spencer Reaves

My relationships inspire me, they don’t define me. My fascination with clowns, languages, and keyboard layouts will tell you a lot more than who I’m dating.


I’m a stay-at-home mom from the Midwest. I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Organization Leadership. My husband and I opened our relationship in late 2017, but did not identify as polyamorous until mid-2018.


I am a queer femme living in the American West and practicing ethical non-monogamy. I enjoy connecting with people in a variety of alternative lifestyle communities and feeding my voracious curiosity with nonfiction audiobooks and internet searches.


My name is Rosa, I live with my couple and help care for their four children. I fire dance, love music, writing and love being creative.


Hools is a believer of pushing boundaries by sharing stories to connect with others. An actor, comedian, writer, coffee addict and cat owner, located in downtown Toronto. People and relationships are the reason she gets out of bed in the morning.


I majored in Human Sexualities and like a majority of people, work in a completely unrelated field. I am passionate about social justice, advocating for equality, sex education reform, and LGBTQ youth. I am in a closed quad relationship with my intentional family, co-parenting our three kids.


I am a queer, polyamorous poet and performer working in sexual health education. I live in the North West of the UK and am a passionate intersectional feminist.

Meet Our Freelance Photographers

Lensbian Photography

Greetings my name is Tanner; 24 year old genderfluid pansexual poly wiccan engaged to a MTF transwoman and have been practicing poly for two years. I’ve been sharpening my skills in photography for 5.

Also a Freelance Journalist, here.

Stefanie Sara

 I’m a musician, writer, photographer and artist based in the UK, and I identify as a polyamorous, bisexual cis-woman with she/her pronouns.


My name is Kimberly Sharp. I enjoy creating timeless and emotive imagery. Am addicted to creating stories. Inspired by the feminine strength, unique beauty and classic style. Despite life’s little curve balls, I’ve remained focused and driven. I’ve made it my life’s goal to be as creative as possible towards every endeavor.