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Welcome to our Columns page. Check out some of our columns below! If you’re looking for something a little different, go to our Categories page. Or check out our latest published works on our Articles page. These are the columns we currently have (or are working on), written by our volunteer columnists.

Written by our columnist “Fulltime Human”

Multiple articles covering an array of information about consent. Article topics range from internal, friendship, to dating. Consent is a major topic in Polyamory. It isn’t Polyamory if it isn’t consensual. Enjoy the variety of articles within our Consent Corner column, or check out the full extent of our articles on consent by browsing through the Consent category.

Written by our CEO and columnist “J”

These articles cover different information concerning Polyamorous Parenting. Information ranges from the affects of polyamory on children to how to raise children in a polyamorous situation. Polyamorous Parenting is a fairly new topic of study and has very little research or resources for the everyday individual to turn to. Often times the information provided doesn’t cover the most pressing questions you may have. Allow us to fill the gap and give you what you need in this wonderfully written column, POrenting in a Nutshell. Or check out our broader articles on Children.

Written by our CEO and columnist “J”

The basics of Polyamory. What are The ABC’s of Polyamory? We are slowly adding new articles all the time (eventually we intend to have an article for every letter of the alphabet). Our current articles are staples in Polyamory and deserve to be the forefront of your investigation of Polyamory, or the continuation of your journey. The ABC’s of Polyamory provide vital information for anybody curious about, or living within, polyamory.

Written by our CEO and columnist “J”

A fun way to investigate different situations within Polyamory and figure out some important information. Why are certain things so important within Polyamory? What happens when you find a new partner but your other partner(s) are unaccepting of them? What are some myths you’ve heard about Polyamory? Are they true? What questions do you have about Polyamory? Ask our Dating Detective and let the investigation begin. Whatever the question – the Dating Detective is on the case! E-mail questions to Jauni@PolyamorousLiving.com to have them featured in our Dating Detective column.

A Collaboration of Our PL Staff

This column is still a work in progress, but we have high hopes for it. We will be showcasing different unique polyamorous individuals and their dynamics and stories on our Out + Proud column. If you know anyone who might be interested in being featured, we promise to be very respectful and authentic in our representation. Please e-mail our CEO: Jauni@PolyamorousLiving.com with any questions, or to be featured on our Out + Proud column! 

*This is a collective polyamorous Community Project. All are welcome to participate.

Written by our CEO and columnist “J”

This is one of our major Community Projects. It is a 10-part series that tries to showcase the diversity and authenticity within our community. You can view the articles within this series, here. We are also working on a second series that will focus on creating and maintaining healthy relationships within the constructs of Polyamory. To participate in the survey for the second series, please click here.

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