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Community Projects

Community Projects

Here at Polyamorous Living we care a lot about our community! Our community is a beautiful, diverse, amazing group of people! We are devoted to helping de-stigmatize polyamory, as well as debunk myths, and showcase all the variety our community has to offer. We want what is best for every individual in our community, which means we work hard to give accurate information to all people who are searching for it, or who need it most. We reach out to members of the community to provide emotional support and help. And we touch-base with out community members often to make sure we are providing the kinds of things you all want to see.

Through our efforts in writing, vlogging, and creating safe spaces for discussion and exploration (like our FB groups), we hope to give the Polyamorous community – from the kitchen table polyamorists to the solo polyamorists – a place where they feel like they can fit. Our journalists and vloggers speak about personal experiences, as well as siting research, to bring as much personal touch and relatability to our information and encouragement as possible. We want you to get to know us, and we want to get to know you. We want this to be a space where our tribe can thrive. We want this to feel like home.

With that in mind, we have many community projects that we have conducted, are working on, and are creating to bring all the pieces of our community together. Your participation in these projects helps to build a sense of universal relatability for our readers. Every time you take part in a project you are working with Polyamorous Living to de-stigamatize, debunk, showcase, and just generally appreciate the individuality of our diverse population. Help us so that we can help further the understanding of others and provide support to those in need.

Current Projects

Past Projects

***If you have any ideas for new Community Projects, please bring your thoughts to our CEO: