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Welcome Polyamorous Community!

We offer support, advice, resources, companionship, LDRs, and kink services to anyone within the polyamorous community. We also cater to others who fall under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella, whether or not they are explicitly polyamorous.


In order to take advantage of our services, you must first register with our page. You can do that by clicking on our CS Chat Room page, and finding the register button in the menu of the forum. This page is also where all communication will take place between Clients and Companions. There is a public forum available for view by anyone, and available for chat for anyone registered. For all of your paid services, you will have a private chat forum that only you and your Companion will be able to access.

When you book a service through our Companion Services page, you must remember to include the USERNAME (in the comments section of the booking process) you used to register with our website. This will be how we are able to distinguish you from other clients and the only way to make sure YOU are credited for your payments, and able to receive the proper services.

NEW Clients

If this is your first booking, you must book an Introductory Session (that you will find under the Resources category) so that your Companion is able to get to know you and figure out what your wants and needs are. They will then re-direct you to the proper services.

*This ensures you are placed into the right service and taken care of properly.

REPEAT Clients

All repeat clients have access to any booking category; including Support, Advice, Companionship, LDR, Kink, and Resources.

However, you still need to follow the order of service sessions for each category. In order to participate in a Kinky Sesh, you must first complete a Kink Interview session. Same goes for the LDR category. The LDR Interview must be completed first before booking any other sessions within the LDR category.

All other categories have completely open services with no need to complete them in a certain order.

ALL services offered are presented in a comprehensive list below booking!

CS Booking

Feel free to book anonymously by using a fake name. Regardless, your privacy is important to us. All communication between you and your Companion is kept hidden from the public. The only piece of information that is vital for you to input is your USERNAME that you used for your registration on our CS Chat Room forum. You can either place your USERNAME as your name during the booking, or place it in the comments section during the booking process. Without your USERNAME we will not be able to create your private chat forum, nor will we be able to credit your payments or provide you the services you have booked.

Details & Payment
Thank you

Please select service, date and provider then click on the Find Appointments button.

**Your Phone Number is NOT required for booking!

Companion Services List
*Resource Services: *Advice Services: *Companionship Services: *Kink Services:
Introductory Session (15 minutes) Relationship Discussion & Advice (1 hour) Companionship Session (30 minutes) Kink Interview (15 minutes)
Resource Discussion (15 minutes) Identity Discussion & Advice (1 hour) Unfortunate Life Events Companionship (1 hour) Kinky Sesh (30 minutes)
*Support Services: *LDR Services:
Support & Advice Session (30 minutes) LDR Interview (15 minutes)
Emotional Support (30 minutes) LDR Formation (1 hour)
Relationship Discussion & Support (1 hour) LDR Upkeep Session (15 minutes)
Identity Discussion & Support (1 hour) LDR Nurturing Session (1 hour)
Companion Services Descriptions

Introductory SessionThis session is mandatory for all new clients! It is only 15 minutes long and consists of a brief get-to-know-you between you and your Companion. During this session your Companion will help you identify your wants and needs and then re-direct you to the proper services.

Resource Discussion Needing resources and nothing more? A Companion will help connect you to the proper resources after a brief discussion about what your wants and needs are. Resources may include websites, books, films, hotlines, programs, groups, etc.

Support & Advice This is a shorter session (only 30 minutes) for general support and advice. This session is particularly helpful for those who are new to the concept of polyamory or who are just opening up their relationships and are unsure where to start.

Emotional SupportIf you’re needing emotional support dealing with your identity, relationship, or just life in general – a Companion is here to help you. If you’re needing a longer or more in-depth support session, please consider the following two options.

Relationship Discussion & Support During this session you will be able to discuss your relationship (or relationship issues) in-depth with a Companion, as well as receive the support you need in order to keep pushing forward. Note, this is a support session and not an advice session! If you are needing advice on how to move forward, work on jealousy, or change anything in your relationship, then you need to book an advice session.

Relationship Discussion & AdviceA Companion is standing by to help you figure out your next steps. Dealing with jealousy? Communication issues? In an abusive situation? Anything you’re having problems with that is related to your relationship…if you’re looking for advice, we are here for you.

Identity Discussion & Support This session is intended for those having difficulty with their identities, particularly as polyamorists (though LGBTQIA+ individuals are welcome to book this service as well). Whether you’re not out, you’re having trouble dealing with people who don’t accept you, or you have any other issues to discuss regarding identity and are in need of support – a Companion is here to help you. Note, this is a support session and not an advice session! If you are needing advice on how to deal with disapproving family members or friends, or feelings of shame or isolation, then you need to book an advice session.

Identity Discussion & AdviceIf you’re having trouble with your identity, either internally or externally, and you’re looking for someone to help you figure out what to do…a Companion is here for you. (These services are intended for polyamorists, but are also open to anyone under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella.)

Companion SessionFeeling lonely or bored? Not looking for support, advice, or resources, but just wanting someone to chat with? A Companion is here for you, no matter the reason you’re looking into our services.

Unfortunate Life Event CompanionshipSometimes something happens and you just need somebody to chat with to get your mind off of it. Needing a laugh or good intellectual conversation? Going through a break-up? Partner, family member, or friend recently die? Have you been injured? Lost a job? No matter what shitty thing has happened…a Companion is here to help get your mind off it. Note, this is not a support or advice session. If you’re needing a shoulder to cry on, please check out our Emotional Support session.

Kink Interview Looking for something a little more kinky? If you’d like to start having Kinky sessions with a Companion, then you must first complete the Kink Interview. This interview will help the Companion get to know what your kinks are, and will allow them to tailor any future Kinky sessions to your wants, needs, and desires. Be aware that all communication is conducted through our chat platform, and at no time will you physically meet your Companion.

Kinky SeshIf you have previously completed a Kink Interview, you are free to book as many Kinky sessions as you’d like. These sessions will be tailored to your kinks (as discussed with your Companion during your interview). These sessions are meant to be fun and inclusive; if you are ever feeling like something is no longer working for you – please voice your concerns to your Companion. All our Companions are here for you and will make adjustments as needed.

Long Distance Relationship (LDR) InterviewInterested in forming a long distance relationship with one of our Companions? Want to get your feet wet in the polyamorous pool, or simply needing another partner to chat with when you’re feeling lonely? Sign up for an LDR Interview to see if what you’re wanting/needing can be provided to you through our services.

Long Distance Relationship (LDR) Formation SessionAlready completed the LDR Interview session and ready for an in-depth LDR Formation session? During this session, you and a Companion will get to know each other better; discuss wants, needs, boundaries; and begin to bond on a platonic or romantic level (pre-determined within your LDR Interview). At the end of this session you will be free to book Upkeep or Nurturing sessions whenever you’d like.

Long Distance Relationship (LDR) Upkeep SessionIf you have previously formed an LDR relationship with one of our Companions, you are free to book as many Upkeep sessions as you’d like (with the same Companion). An Upkeep session is short and exists to help you maintain your connection. It’s the Companion Services version of chatting with your partner every now and then to check in and see how each other are doing. If you are looking for a longer and more meaningful time with your LDR Companion, check out our Nurturing session.

Long Distance Relationship (LDR) Nurturing SessionIf you have previously formed an LDR relationship with one of our Companions, you are free to book as many Nurturing sessions as you’d like (with the same Companion). A Nurturing session is all about nurturing your relationship with your Companion. It’s the Companion Services version of going out on a date with your partner to help foster your connection and maintain the steady growth of your LDR.

Contact a Companion

If you’d like to contact a Companion outside of the booked services, you can visit the CS Chat Room page. There is a forum specifically designed for connecting with Companions in order to ask questions about services, etc.

Contact the PL Staff

If you have questions for PL staff about how the Companion Services work, or have comments or concerns about the services, you are free to discuss these things with staff members in our CS Chat Room. Alternatively, if you would like to contact our CEO or submit a general comment – please visit our Contact page.