Leaving Societal Norms Behind



Here is some of our photography from our Freelance Photographers! We hope you enjoy it.

*If you’d like to take on freelance photography projects for Polyamorous Living, check out our Contribution page to learn more.


We are currently working on 3 different projects! Maybe you’d like to help us out! One is for promoting and spreading awareness of breastfeeding “Nature at Work” (as well as normalizing it and expressing it as a beautiful, natural thing). The second one is to promote and spread awareness of polyamory “Positively Polyamorous” (also trying to normalize it and show its beauty and how natural it can be). The third project is called “Beauty of the Body” and is to showcase the natural beauty of the human body (nude – full body or random segments of body parts). For more information please click here. If that sounds like something that interests you, please contact our CEO:


All emails should provide the name of the project you’re hoping to help with in the subject line. Feel free to volunteer as either a photographer or a model. Thank you!